absent moon

Written by: Eden Cane

the saline sadness from my eyes
uniquely helps me close my eyes
to pain I have endured in light
and darkness has revealed

the taste I have secured for life
for sleep has no real apetite
when in my room, my bed resumed
embraced in sleepless night

in me this point I reach
I know
I have withheld the tears
where saline sadness grates
and madness waits, they flow

when we unite
you dark
and I
assemble at the close of day
to fading folds of cloak we bear
we trust our tired light today

time strikes, the hour counts
and day seems passed so soon
I lay my head on foam filled bower
to rest in blissfull swoon

as sun retreats and light decays
in spectrum
all arrays displays
I set aside the time in space
to file the aging fuss

the fire dimmed 
by cold embrace
a frigid veil 
that hides the face
the morning far as morning star

relinquish I the pace so soon
in light of absent moon