My Desk Gives Life

Written by: Paula Swanson

Written by Paula Swanson

Here at my desk I sit,
with silence all around.
Just the hum of the frig, 
a clock in the background.

An old brass lamp with green shade,
sits back, off to the right.
A paperweight of tranquil glass,
kept prominent in my sight.

Legal pads, muted yellow,
azure clay jar, full of pens.
Odds and ends, scattered 'bout,
my inspirational friends.

An old brass merchants bell,
next to a wooden what-not drawer.
a small metal file cabinet,
sits next to me on the floor.

A soggy chew toy waiting,
right where the pup left it.
She's always there on my lap,
the minute that I sit.

I close my eyes, stroke her head
and enter my own world.
Where anything is possible,
thoughts and imagery swirl.

True, ideas and lines come streaming in,
any place, time, day or night.
But it is at my old familiar desk,
where my writing breathes in life.

For the contest:  Inspired
Sponsored by Miranda Lambert
Placement: 4th