Alphabet for Isobel

Written by: Aveen Hammond

A- means you’re an Amazing friend
B- is how Brilliant you are
C- is Cause I love you
D- is because Delightful
E- because you’re Exellent
F- because we were always such great Friends
G- we look so Good as simese twins
H- is because I’m going to miss you in the Holidays
I- we love you, Isobel
J- Just because you’re are so icy cold
K- cause you’re just to kool for school
L- we had so much fun in L-ementry school
M- how Much everyone cares about you
N- Nobody hates you
O- you so so not Ordinary
P- you are Perfect
Q- you are fit to be a Queen
R- you’re Reliable
S- Sexy in your own special way
T- Talented in so many ways
U- Unbelievably kind
V- so Very gorgeous
W- nothing is ever Wrong
X- Ben can’t kiss you enough XXX
Y- You are always up for a challenge
Z- you never want to sleep Zzzzz