Written by: melissa mesch

I have changed today.
I have changed in a permanent way.
I saw it rise, I saw it shift,
I saw it move with it's coniving twist...
From the front door and the back,
I heard the knock
I heard the rapp.
"I am here" he said, "as you have asked."
"I am here from the rooted past."
I said, "Hello" and shone my light
on the old familiar 
on the ancient fight.
Today I said, "I've grown too much you see,
for you to continue to be a part of me."
I peeled out my sword,
it slithered out of it's sheath.
In exalted postition
I sliced through the old familiar, the untrue, the thief.
The liar has lain and tracks removed.
My tool for change has been polished clean.
Heated and cooled with fire and stream.
Sharpen this sword, I have...
And leave the liar lain.