White Oleander

Written by: Truda van Deijl

Your blessed soul and heart of gold makes me sour
Your lovers’ embrace is all that my heart yearns for
Your efforts to bring me back to life warm my heart
Your patience and unconditional love saves me from falling apart
I’ve begged that the past could be undone, my payment a thousand tears
I wished there was a way to mend your heart, I cry but no one hears
My vision of you; an exquisite butterfly still fragile, but ready to fly away
One day, my love, your dreams will come true; you will be okay
Despite what you think or feel, my heart has always belonged to you, no other
You are my best friend, knight in shining armor and my remarkable lover
I wish I could give you answers, a way to understand and to see the meaning of it 
My only plea is that you understand I’m a frightened and lost little girl with a 
wounded soul
I have no excuses; I can only ask your forgiveness and get down on my knees
I try to explain the torment of a demon in my mind, poisoning me like a deadly 
I love you my sweet, tender, and angelic friend
I hope we both will stand together in the end