No Blame

Written by: Dana Kirby

Where do you fall
When you fall from grace
When the night is said and gone
And only wanting to hide your face.

Who do you know
When you know no one anymore
When you call out their name
And they only scream what for?

Who is there to catch you
When feeling so low
So far from home
With no where to go.

Who is it you see
When you close your eye's
Is it someone you know
Or just all a surprise.

Now that all is said and done
I have opened my eye's 
And greeted the warm sun.

Searching new truth's
And new lie's
To my own heart
I have disguised.

The walls back up 
And I feel no shame
No more pain
And I place no blame.

For I dream the dream
No one else dare dream
I keep the secrets in my soul
No one has ever seen.