Meal for Four

Written by: CLAIRE BURKE

Gathering in the restaurant and the essence so bliss
A table of privacy is something we can all miss
Only table left was a table to fit four
Being alone at meal times was something today no more
Dr Mehta sat next to me as I admired his style
Carol Brown then entered with her big beautiful, red happy smile
Five minutes later Robert Haigh confidently swaggered in to appear
Complete strangers in company is something we all can fear
Never judge a situation as plans never actually work
Table of four; Dr Mehta, Carol Brown, Robert Haigh and me, Claire Burke
Carol and Robert had a laugh but competively did disagree
Dr Mehta had the pure delight of a chair seated next to me
Changeling of glasses and we managed to get Robert very drunk
Dr Mehta told us about his idea to convert perhaps as a monk
Carol wanted to get Dr Mehta to drink a little brandy
When Carol started dancing she made the waiters bothered and randy
Dr Mehta would not drink so Robert drank for two
Soon ended up passed out as we gave him more than a few
The waiters begged Carol for her phone number and possibilities of a date
Maybe this predicament was intended for her unexpected love fate
Dr Mehta finished his drink and casually carried on home
Carol and I took Robert to his place and left him to be alone
Carol is clever as well as  pretty and always seems a person who is right
Marvellous people of company and a very unique memorial night

Claire Burke
Dr Ram Mehta
Carol Brown
Robert Haigh