The warrior poet

Written by: Rauwolfia van Raaij

A writer’s challenge
A writer is challenged to challenge the world,
As a soldier is sent off to war,
With paper and ink and a lifetime to write
And advice: Don’t forget who you are.

Yes history records all those men who have fought
In the battle of black and of white,
Their treasure was in neither silver nor gold,
But in words, and with words they could fight.

On pages they lived many days of their lives
And on pages we meet them today,
In stories and poems they were princes and kings
And with letters in ink they could slay.

How old are their gravestones, forgotten their bones,
And their voices will no more be heard
But they live in the lines when again they are read,
In the spell of their own written words.

Yet ink is a potion not many have tried
And its magic is rarely bestowed,
As paint to the painter and stone to the carver
And thread to those gifted to sew.

How  great then the challenge and worthy the call
For a writer to take up his pen.
Go question, go change and go challenge the world,
Go write to the children of men.