I Am

Written by: Lou Schreiberg

Who are you,
To image wrath or smile
To render ‘tween of sun to dusk
To remind of plans thought a must
To match my attire to living’s cue
I ask again,
Who are you?

Who are you,
To command my hour
To cheer a fool in bold of play
To renege or give a promised day
To fashion my fit of valor’s view
I ask again,
Who are you?


You know Me
The one you wish I be
To behold and soften cares
To notice your daily fare
And listen of all your pleas
Hear My sound
Be known of Me

I am always here
In unseen image
As a bird of Heaven’s plumage
In shining dew of misty morns
In every child you’ve ever borne
In any coat you’ve ever worn
I was here

I am your shield in imagined lair
In careless say of soothsayer
The echo served upon your knee
Ever direct to only Me
Always aware, you always knew
That I am Me
And I am you