Written by: nilofar shaikh

Today, I want to tell you something dad,
Which makes me feel very glad!
You are my best friend,
On whom I can always depend.
I remember,
The times we have spent together.
Talking and arguing,
Laughing and fighting,
Singing and dancing,
Reading and cracking jokes,
Also teasing our folks.
Commenting on new advertisement, 
Was our favourite form of entertainment. 
Sometimes we would watch weird movies,
And enjoy trying new pastries at Monginis. 
You were and are a wonderful cashier,
Who always supported me in studies and career.
You have faced a lot of trouble,
To make me independent and able.
I am proud to be your daughter,
And I know I can never return your favour.
Today I understood, 
Since I am in this phase of motherhood,
How my husband takes care of me,
Actually, indirectly for his child to be.

Like me, my child will also be fortunate,
To have you as grandfather is something very great.
I sincerely pray my wish comes true,
That my husband should also become a ‘father’ like you!