airing shyt out

Written by: eddie merritt

Bytch uff u
Got the ordasity to judge me too 
Uff u
Talking about past bullshyt that I've done Not do
Now that all motivates u to do the bullshyt u do
We dont talk dont see another 
But its a problem when finally I reach u n hit u thru this phone
Come on
Accusing me of what u can't prove n I don't do becuz its already in u
Am I uffing stupid
No a fool
Own up to ur bullshyt please
Before this trigger is squeezed
I'm on my knees asking begging for u to see
How are we to love if it is all pouring out of me to a being that doesn't wanna be bothered or seen 
By me when I didn't cause the fight 
Just started the war
But we were supposed to be past it 
I'm holding on drastic
Doing my head n heart damage 
Over u
Going out the way to let u believe ur loved n u know it too
But what do u do
Ignore my msgs
Uff random texting
Not one word for weeks then outa the blue 
Come see me I love u too
I'm out here becuz of me n I am showing u that other side aint uffing true
For the last year 
I am dedicated to u
Ur not this is uffing true
So what u ain't gotta be sleeping with dudes
u think that make up for all the shyt u do
Right now u hide ur position of where u at n wanna watch a movie
When was the last time we talked
The other day n before than last weekend when ur friend was hurting
N before than point .......made
So save all the bullshyt u can spray my way n look at how U behave
N u love me. I can talk becuz its ashame
N when u call ill be running Like a uffin great dane 
Ready to maime 
Becuz I am a fool
I was wrong before but u are just uffing cruel....Peace