Written by: eddie merritt

How in the hell can I be so blind
Knowing what it is in the back of my mind
Or Atleast familiar with the design
I see my side
Yet u won't admitt urs 
So I'm wrong 
For what
Wanting to adored
Some love from my amour
A lil hello, u alive, how u doin, r u fine?
A lil msg once in a while showing how I'm on ur mind
Non of that
But I'm wrong for saying wtf to that
It's about to be fathers day where u at?
In P A 
Outa state
Fine uff it see ur folks scratch all the other crap
It don't matter I know
Uff. All that
U don't see what u do becuz its about u
Fine.......I'm Still here waiting of course I'm a hopeless romantic what else can I do
Just pray harder n stay true
To u