Pippa and Harry

Written by: Brenda Atry

Pippa, sans slipper,loves causing a fight
She dampened Kate's spotlight,inviting her spite
Pip's lured a  royal bastard, without much invite
And smiles sly and alluring, to the gossips delight

Unlike Cinderella, she's swept with no broom
Nor scrubbed any floors on her knees in her room
In fact her slim legs are both pampered and groomed
For her dresses are only one  inch past her bloom.

Harry's wild antics have stirred some debate
The red headed playboy is in rut and must mate 
Poor Harry, your passion's a fly on your plate
The fly's actions have been a royal nuisance of late.!

Britain longs to hear Pippa bemoaning her plight
A fair maiden in heat, a paparazzi's delight
No chance for Prince Harry to rescue this sprite
His sword's stuck in His zipper, it caused quite a bite

This royal fairy tale will end as all others, 
Bland William and Kate will beget two royal brothers
Pippa and Harry play the press like two lovers
And we'll await photo's of them under the covers.