I'm Sorry

Written by: John Monteblanco

You used to call me by my nickname, now you don't call at all.
I know I made the first move, but it was the only move.
In my mind I told you I'd be back in three seconds...guess I counted wrong.
It's been three months since our fight, can you please just talk to me?
My life's gone through too many tunnels to count.
How did I break your heart, how am I to blame, why am I not ashamed?
You're one of a kind and yet you changed because of what I did?
I'm sorry for the trillionth time!
Just forgive me already!
My past doesn't want to come back, so stop trying to make me feel like a jerk.
I didn't dump you, it was all a little argument!
I miss you. The old you!
I'll never get to see her again!
Thanks a lot inner demons of John Monteblanco.