Written by: joy bohland

What a poor, poor baby
in such a sad circumstance
the stress will surely get to her eventually.
(don't need to hold your breath, it already has)
but I won't break down in front of you,
its not what she would've wanted.
I'll only cry in front of who I want to.
Don't worry, your resources won't be anywhere near exhausted.

Underestimate me.
Won't be the first time.
Underestimate me. 
Won't be the last.

Poor thing, what a way to fall into adulthood.
What a way to start a life.

Listen, this pretend pity isn't doing you any good.
I'm gonna be alright.
You underestimated me, that was your first mistake.

For now this is me,
a whale in water 
an inch deep.
Can you imagine
when I'm back in my ocean?

This is me
a machine
with half my pieces missing.

Underestimate me.
Go ahead and underestimate me.