off a ledge

Written by: joy bohland

Kindhearted and caring am I,
you've got the opposite on your mind
should've known cuz you're just a guy.

If I talked you off a ledge
you'd probably follow me 
home wishing for a wedge
of my pie, wondering if I think you're sexy.

If I tried to save you from the crazy house 
you'd probably try to kiss me and really louse
it up 
for the both of us.
Cuz I'd be sick with disgust
that you'd even try to touch
me and I'd lose my focus
and we'd both end up
in an institution
where only you belong.

Guys like you leave girls like me
no other choice than to be mean.
Everyone seems to say
I should not feel
but no matter what  I do,
no matter how hard I try
I will always feel everything.

Always talk you off a ledge
always save you from a crazy house.
Always feel.