I Can't Say It

Written by: Gregory Azor

I can't say it (goodbye)

I saw tears in the birds eyes
They couldn't fly, sing, dance
They had to share a sad moment
When they had to say goodbye

Hopefully, I would like to tell you 
That everything will be fine and nice
The sun will shine on our ways
Kill me because I can't say it

Sadly, I can't say Goodbye to you
No, please ask me something else
We're enchaining by the magnetic spirit
Our connection is the beauty of the shiny stars

My heart is not resistible enough
Our memories will burn it to ashes
I can't say it baby, I can't make those steps
Which hitting my soul with the King Arthur Sword

You're mine, I'm yours so why???
Why should I say this evil word
That produces the black sea on my heart
I'm not crying but I can't stop those tears
Hold me with all your romantic power
This silence is a big noise in my head
My mind is surrounded by the Darkness
Say it is my death treaty. I can't say it baby