Written by: nilofar shaikh

Dear flowers,
You carry special powers.
I suppose,
God has made you for a variety of purpose.
The best gift given to us by nature,
Important in each and every culture.
You are very significant,
Since ancient times and in present,
Not any ceremony is complete,
Without you in it.
Be it a wedding or a farewell,
You throw your magical spell. 
Your presence in the vase freshens the room,
You enhance beauty of the bride and the groom.
You make people smile,
And let them forget their worries for a while.
Sweet and delightful person is named after you,
We click your wonderful pictures collected with dew.
Everyone loves you irrespective of age or gender,
So we present a bouquet or garland to honour.
I thank Almighty for creating you,
The word ‘beautiful’ is definitely derived because of you.