The Big Easy

Written by: Richard Moriarty

The Big Easy

Brash lady of the south, home of jazz and blues,
party town USA, brawling port of the nation, 
melting pot of cultures, the city of Hope,
and Queen of the Nile of the Americas....

.....She's the Big Easy..

Yes, I know there is Bourbon Street where you rub shoulders with pimps,
prostitutes, drunks and movie queens,
And, you stand shoulder to shoulder and jostled and fight for the cheap beads 
thrown from a Mardi Gras float,
Walk the narrow, crowded streets and listen to the mournful moan of the blues, and 
the rhythm of jazz being discovered as it drifts through the narrow alley ways,
Feel the sweat and the clamor of the docks, with the exports
of the nation being loaded on the mammoth
ships for all the world.
Sip the strong coffee and wash down the beignets, savor the dripping poboys and 
famous oysters Rockefeller, and smell the aromas of the seafood preparer of the 

She is the queen city of the Nile of the Americas - the
mighty Missisip'

- don't apologize for her being
a lady of the streets,
the birth place of jazz
the queen city of the mighty river of the nation
good food,
fun time
fast people....

She's the city that never sleeps,
The play town and work place of the nation,
....A lady like no other lady.....

.....She's the Big Easy.