Loving Alex

Written by: CLAIRE BURKE

Oh, I’m going to base a poem on you as you asked so nicely the other day
Not sure what to put yet but I will have never ending things to say
On the outside you gleam and your arms so strong and tight
Uprising star with kindness and loyalty boosting so bright
Delicate lips perfectly outlined, so plump and awaiting to burst
You energize my body as you sooth my ever undying thirst
I see the little boy in you, the lad and now a growing man
But still a youthful look with glory eyes and a tasteful olive tan
You infuriate me sometimes with the things you say stupidly wrong
But happiness reaches me through a film or sounding of our favourite song
You make me forget things at times by your sensual touch and breathing 
Feel captured in a spell or enchanted via your secret love potion
I will love you, trust you through all sickness and in health
I will love you for you and never to claim in any materialistic wealth