Shadows and Lines

Written by: Sharon Well

My dear friend and worst foe, 
you follow me wherever I go,
towering above me sometimes, 
falling behind at other times.

On sunny days, my braids I admired, for hours on end,
as you showed them swing,  over the day growing longer.
On stormy nights, while we kids retired, our fingers did bend,
as the walls made eerie faces, our curiosity  growing stronger.

To my eyes, your unrelenting adherence, 
oft seems like a reverence,
although like an enemy, 
you sometimes stalk and waylay me.

Yet, it’s on you I rely, 
when luck fails to be my ally,
my guard down the lanes of treachery, 
partaking my grief and misery.

Now my brush splurges in deep hue, 
and kisses the canvas,
my dark shadow comes in view, 
and makes me nervous.

I mix vigor and passion, 
with sweeps of brilliant lines,
the picture tells my notion, 
that good and bad intertwines.