Written by: nilofar shaikh

On my table there was a book,
It called my name and said, “Give me a look.”
I was surprised and cleared my ear,
It replied, “Don’t worry, I won’t harm you dear.”
I was confused for what should be my action,
It softly asked, “Hold me in your hand, I need your attention.”
I walked ahead because I still couldn’t believe,
It whispered, “Please don’t leave.” 
I lift it in my hands and heard no sound,
I searched in every room but no one was around.
Then in my hands I felt little dust,
I realized I wasn’t right and just.
I wiped and cleaned it immediately,
The book was quiet instantly.
I felt terribly bad,
And understood the reason why the book was sad.
The book gave me company when I was alone,
Once I read over, I was gone.
Oh! What have I done!
Now I’ll take care
And will try to be fair,
Never will I let it dust,
Finding a new reader for it is must.
The knowledge has to be spread,
For it will grow, if only shared.