My Love and I Shall Ever Be

Written by: Rick Rucker

My Love and I Shall Ever Be By Rick Rucker My love and I shall ever be, This much in Love, eternally, This feeling is a glorious fact, If it were not, I could not thusly act, We have just bought a home, our first, In order to quench our communal thirst, To be able to see each other the day through, To wake up and sleep with my Love true, Since we met, she has owned my Heart, Now we shall never be apart, She has pulled me from the Pit of Despair, My psyche she did repair, She has massaged my Soul, Nursed me back, and made me whole, I shall endeavor to be, For her, the best that I can be, I am the man that owes her his Life, She is the one I asked to be my Wife, To always live with me, in Fun, Knowing full well, she is The One, Forever honoring her, the best, Until the time of my Eternal rest.