Written by: nilofar shaikh

I asked the small children on the ground,
“What is life?”
“Life means playing” they shouted together with a loud sound.
Then I asked the lonely tree that stood by the roadside giving shade,
“What is life?”
“Life means bearing fruits” it said.
I asked the little bird in the cage,
“What is life?”
“Life lies in freedom” it chirped in rage.
I went ahead and asked the expecting mother,
“What is life?”
“Life is my baby” was her quick answer.
I walked and found an artist painting something,
I asked him too, 
“Life is a picture filled with beautiful colours!” he exclaimed.
Then I met a poor and hardworking farmer, I asked him for what life meant to him,
He softly uttered, “Life is a shower of rain which grows grain.”
I asked a girl singing and dancing around,
“What is life?”
“Life is set of melodious tunes”, she sang and expressed.
I asked the rich businessman,
“What is life?”
“Life is all about making profits and increasing bank account,” he sternly affirmed.
The last person I met was a wise teacher,
 I asked him for his definition of life,
“Life is spreading knowledge,” he conveyed.
Taking all these answers I went back home,
“Life means different for everyone” my mind reflected.
I wanted to know what life meant to me,
“Life is a collection of milestones- both of victory and defeat ; one brings happiness 
and the other gives us strength to work hard”, my heart replied.