Silent Goodbye

Written by: Riah Clark

Was their a point to tell you how i felt,

was there a point to tell you I cared?

Knowing now you walk around like nothing was said

As if we didn't get any closer.

Pretending that you don't care

On your high horse

But i look at you an see in the depths of your eyes

there's a  feeling there

I try to caress your needs,

but you turn from me

Never thinking twice about what I said

slowly by the end of the day

you find your way back

What are u scared of though darling?

Don't you see that i continue to run back to you

if i wanted to hurt you

i would have done it already

Your front will cease one day

as the end of the year is approaching

Then it'll  be too late

I'll be to far out of sight

too far out of reach so our hands wont reach again

we'll have a silent goodbye

or maybe our lips will share a secret

one last time