Written by: Emma Buckeridge

Imagine me, a fish in the sea.
Such a sensitive soul with waves of compassion.
A water baby through and through.
Dreaming away while looking up at planets and stars.
I see Neptune ruling the skies in the dark.
A mystical spirit with armfuls of feelings,
always standing up for what I believe in,
and devoted to what and who I love.
I want to see through your eyes,
and when you feel pain, I feel pain too.
Holding the bloodstone in my hand ( or fin) I think of my fears,
eyes filled with tears.
But I don't face my fears - I escape in my hazy imagination.
Must remember to take off the rose - tinted glasses at times - 
I need to see what's real.
Artistic and imaginative, lost in cloudy days.
Enough emotional creation to fuel forever endeavors.
With energy that's as erratic as the tides.
I live in my dreams and believe that they're real
I feel what you feel.

By Emma Buckeridge
For contest : Zodiac Zones