My Secret Treasure

Written by: Shani Fassbender

Among broken ceramics, old doll clothes, and books
Was a tiny trinket of the past no bigger than a half dollar
Bringing a rush of long kept memories into my heart
I held in my hand the dog tag he wore hooked on his collar

I can still see the little girl’s joy the first time she saw him
Black and white mutt, a shelter dog rescued
He quickly became the most coveted family member
Needing a new home, lots of love, and some food

I can feel the warm summer grass under my feet
As we used to run around the yard every day
Snapshots in my mind of  his ball, bone, and bark
How he would curl up behind my mom’s legs where she lay

We saved him from a most unfortunate fate
All those very many years ago
He taught us patience, caring, and total devotion
It was hard for us when we had to let him go

His tag I held dear in my fingers once again
It was something my parents had long ago tossed
I recovered it, as they had one day saved him
For this moment in time to find what could’ve been lost

Sweet memories of a cherished family pet
Brought alive again for my heart’s pleasure
A tiny item of such unknown significance
I’ll hold dear forever, my secret treasure