Why do we

Written by: Mark Norton

Why do we

      Why do we dream the dreams that we dream?
      When our night is silent and still,
      Is it the idea conceived once in the mind?
     Or the wisdom that lingers within

     Why do we wait as moments pass us by?
     For the sanctity and the spirit of life,
     Is it a sadness we feel as days turn to years?
     And memories are all that remain                                           

     Oh mystery of mysteries, shall lives become lost?
     Hidden in the worth of our toil,
     And why shall desire befit the emotion?
     When emotion holds our desire
     Why shall the meaning of our spirit be lost? 
     Abandoned in the stillness of a star,
     To be lost near the solitude that mystery bore   
     Here in the passage of  time

                                            by m.n.