The Vanished Goodbye

Written by: Ashley Plotczyk

Ba-Bump Ba-Bump
Heart_ worn on sleeve
Ba-Bump Ba-Bump
For the whole world to see
Ba-Bump Ba-Bump
That you are my babe
Ba-Bump Ba-Bump
Ba-Bump Ba-Bump

...But my heart beat stopped 
that very day you walked away 

You didn't say a word
No goodbye 

Now all that sits in my mind
Is you

You told me you loved me
You told me I was your babe
and that I was your heart

I told you I had you as number one 
You held the first spot in my heart
I loved you the most

But you left 
And didn't say a word

Was it your heart that would break 
with a single goodbye 

Or was it my heart to get crushed all along