Written by: dharmy della

'm thinking of someone I would never see again
I'm just praying fate would let our paths meet
Just one more time.

I fell for him the moment I saw him
Our eyes met 'n'
I felt a spark right inside of me
He kept looking at me
I blinked and looked away...

He sat right across my seat
He wanted to say HI
I wanted to say HEY
He winked, I smiled
He was shy and soft

I remember his sweet face
His cute eyes
And his glowing skin.

I hate time
As much as we wanted each other
I had to go
We were too love filled to speak

All I remember of him was our quick handshake
I didn't catch his name
But...I told him mine!
We were about exchanging digits
When we got distracted by a huge crowd
Before i knew it, I lost him
And he was gone...

My heart cried
My soul wept
Would I ever see him again?
Hard to say but I guess not!
I still see him everywhere
Yes! everywhere in my dreams.

I'm sure he feels the same way
No slightest clue of how to find him
I'm just hoping and praying
To see him
Just one more time...