-----------Elementary Love----------

Written by: binibining p.iNk

Fate knew best, as fingers intertwined souls weaving…bringing elements together A patch of soil, a whisper in the wind a blackened storm, wish ablaze-- finding love ~***~ Earth embraced slumbered seed nurturing it making room for it, and letting it grow Through the years, this tree stood steadfast…solid rooted deeply yet pliant, humbly strong Air carries tall tree’s wish soars, touches stars that whisper to the Heavens, blow kisses Leaves dance, flirt with breeze in constant motion seasons fly on, lives pass by, granted wish Rain water: a blessing, tree soaks it in never drowning, drinking in happiness Its wood sails in the sea of memories, waves then crash in until it reaches shore Flames burn free, fire licks...feels, ravages wood. Tree’s ultimate sacrifice, exhausted Glowing embers now remain, gives soft light just the right heat, warming souls that need it ~***~ He was that awesome tree. He always said, "You are elementary in my life." It is only now that I understand… I was his Earth. Air. Water. Fire--Light. Love. --for Chris' Double the Fun~ (Tetractys) contest--