Devious June 14 2011

Written by: Priscilla Larson

Am I seeing things that are not real?
Are they made up in my mind?
Do I see only what I want to see?
or am I just scared of what I'll find?

Did I uncover the truth?
or what I imagined the truth to be?
Something off the wall, crazy and insane,
no sure what I should believe.

I feel as though a tornado went through my head,
as expected it was complete and total disaster.
I keep tripping over one mess at a time,
I can't sort through it any faster.

I get crazier everyday by the minute 
and I watch the shadows on the walls.
I am intriqued by their constant movement 
and I sit and listen for their call.

They are watching with an evil eye 
and their voice has an evil tone.
Pulled in by their devis charm,
but, with them I'm not alone.