Why have you stolen my heart

Written by: Sophia Smith

You have stolen a part of me that is vital in living day by day. A part of me that you 
have extracted that I need to function as whole, you have captured. Did you trick me 
in loving you with all my heart, a heart that is already mutilated. A heart that is 
already in fragments. Why did you capture my heart with your sweet words and 
your wonderful deeds. Now  you turn your face from me, leaving me grimacing in 
pain. I still love you because I don't really now if you have trick me  in loving you or 
you genuinely loving me . In my heart, I now the latter is true, but crisis has 
surrounded me like fortress. It has distort my heart. I am hurting and I can't see any 
comfort in sight. Did you trick me Father or you testing me. I am failing because all 
my vital force has gone from me. I no longer feel the rhythm of my heart - a heart 
that is loving you,  and you are not showing me love.