My mischievous friend

Written by: Diwakar Pokhriyal

Oh my friend 
Small cute and lovely,
A heavenly sign,
 a miraculous beauty.

A touch , a touch,
Of a pretty cutie,
Expressions tasty,
Like sweetest frooty.

Fighting on and on
& on & on & on,
Yet waiting for me,
When everyone is gone.

Laughing and laughing
Sitting in my lawn
Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha,
“dusk to dawn”.

You are the truth,
The lie and the lie,
Transforming into dancing angels,
In the utmost sky.

One step ahead
Giving one bye,
Smiling “Hello”
& a mischievous bye.

Right to left
And again left to right,
Every second tickles
With a brand new fight.

I won you lost,
Weighing light,
Continuing forever,
Days after nights.

Emotion flows,
& glows & blows,
Flickering moods,
From highs to lows.

Lost in the speed,
My gear slows,
Trin trin trin ,
1000 horns blows.

A mischief dancing,
To and fro and fro and to,
Hold hold hold,
From head to toe.

Cluch my hand
 in woe woe woe,
stop stop stop my friend,
 the way is “No Go”