Written by: Russell Smith

Beautiful sunset.
Earth meets the sea.
A time of wonder, a time of glee.
Children are at play.
Happy in the day.
Bejeweled and bathed in flickering light.
Lovers embracing, holding on tight.
Another day closing, the end of a dream.
Nothing remaining, it’s part of the scheme.
Kaleidoscope of colors will slowly die.
Even the fireflies don’t know why. 
The fires are lit and a new life unfolds.
Beyond in the night, moons light holds.
In the rising of the stars, the day will fade.
Nightime settles on our lonely glade.
Gone is the light, the dark closes in.
Only till morning a new day begins.

for beach blanket bingo 6/14/2011
also entered in all summer is in 7/10/2013 please disallow if previous contest entry is not allowed. 

Russell Smith