A Horse in the Meadow

Written by: gautami phookan

A little rosy girl rested 'neath an apple tree.
Her sleep, sound in the blissful breeze.
Beside her lay on the grass,
Her blue felt hat with a golden ribbon.
Near her grazed her white shaggy horse.
She was a small prissy lady,her name was Snowflakes.
Her foretops flopped over her beautiful face,
Her tail rippled like silk.
Chomped happily on the ripe apples that dropped
Or munched some sweet daisies;  
Violets bloomed throwing a bluish hue,
Across the downy meadow green...
She loved the feel of softness
Of the grass around her feet;
The wind fingering through her locks,
And through the leaves.
She nuzzled the girl on her cheek,
With her soft velvet nose;
Waking her from her dreams.
The girl picked some daisies to flower her hat 
With some primroses to make a posy.
And got on her horse, no bridle-no rein,
Holding on lightly to the horse's flowing mane,
Trotted off into the blue haze of lea.


6th place in the contest
For Carol Brown's Contest : "A Horse Story"