Love and Lost

Written by: Sophia Smith

 My love for him is like a burning torch which cannot be extinguished. A love that will 
live forever into eternity. An unsatisfied hunger that can only be remedy by him, a 
Love that is multiplying into zillion folds and still unfolding. How do I go on that he no 
longer wants me- his love for me was only conditional,and yet I want him. How do I 
allow my heart to surrender to his, when he testes and probes me to see if I am 
suitable be with him. Why do I yearn to be next to him when I now the out come 
that he never love me unconditional, a love that could only lost through eternity. 
And, yet I still miss him. Now he is gone because he no longer wants me because  I 
came to my senses and refused him. Hoping and praying that he will return to me 
and love me the way, I should and deserve to be truly loved by him.