If I Were A Poet

Written by: Sadat Khan

Just an ounce of that snakebite I took;
I feel better now -- I can write. 

My thoughts are inking out,
oozing out of the dry heart with efforts, 
Like an 'would-be' mother pushing her baby out. 

A little ounce of that stuff --
That made my head turning gyroscopically
Making heaven and earth messy --
Like a top, spinning in indistinguishable colors. 

Just a little ounce of that stuff --
That made me bold and write shamelessly.

Am I impulsive;
Am I a poet? 

'Misconception', should I call it.
A poet is not grown out of the rubbish pile 
Of impulsive words. 

A poet is a civilization in itself;
An insightful glance into seeing what others miss out. 
He/ she knows the science of writing
That dips down into the human hemisphere 
Of raw ingredients, forming life and history. 

Poetry is a diary of wisdom,
Rejects fantasy and reforms life.

So, I simply wish --I were a poet?