The sleeping muse

Written by: Celene Crescent

The empty chair,still there!
awaiting his return
If only in yesterday
he would be back
to play soft  music
on the strings of her heart
to write once again
 about honey which dripples 
from a half moon
and fill her tender lips
with moistness of its nectar
Another sunset follows
Another starless night
Clouds stand still
 in charcoal skies
A girl sits alone on the sand
watching raindrops 
falling!falling slowly! 
getting lost in an ocean 
of solitude,vanishing in distance
Her misty eyes in search
of his deep passionate smile
Her whole existence
 in hearing for a silent voice 
to be heard once again
She lives for the shadow
of a rainbow which breathes
colours on velvet tears
which melts ice bergs
into a soft feathery snowflake
She lives for the touch 
of a red ripe cherry which blossoms 
on her soft silk tender cheeks
She lives for the ink 
which has long  dried
on worn out papers
Hoping that one day
 in a tomorrow
She would feel his heart again
She would feel his inner soul
bleeding upon her very own
in the shade of burning stars
in immortal love chapters.

I wrote this poem  quite a while ago,and thought of sharing it with you :)