Under the Spotlight

Written by: Ashley Plotczyk

Just like football I am a crowd pleaser
I got fans cheering me on up and down the field

My cleats stay unknown to the ground
Because they never met
No, the cleats are too fast to stay in one spot
But if the ground met my cleats, I would retire

Many years from now could that be possible
In this moment, I hear people scream aloud my name

I'm in this to win it 
I play it to take it, to be it, I am it 
The uniform number five 
The spotlights shinning on me

I know what it feels like to be above ground
Body in the air, Ball in my grip

Split seconds till I pass that zero yard mark 
Score board even screams out my name 
Lovely victory knows me and my fans well
So where were you at my game?