i know a man

Written by: Anna Ruiz

the NRA's creed goes like
this "guns don't kill people,
people do", true enough but
you forgot the word intent
in your analysis as you sanctify
the second amendment right
to bear arms

i know a man who says words
don't hurt people, their reactions
do, true enough though i know
to know a man's intent to
hurt and that makes all the
difference in the world

you can feel it like a black cloud
gathering to take your breath away
and you walk by innocently
and get shot down
one way or another

there is blood on the sidewalk and blood
oozing from the heart that didn't have a
choice to walk on by without your

ringing in my eyes, your words are
your bullets finding their fast and
furious mark
i am unarmed
and spent,
my life
was in your hands,
and i don't even know

no words are ever stopped
with bullets of intent, precision
marksman that you are, the world
is at war with words that say
I am! and you have no rights
of existence

it's Sunday morning and the
clouds are a white flag in the
surrendering sky

all things must pass.