A color of perfection

Written by: Curtis Nicholas

If I walk with my head up

with pride.Don't be offended. I

ain't got nothing to hide.I'm here

now so I can sing.I'm a child

of a king.I don't need to be

famous.I just know my


Their were times I stood

my ground.And let it be

known without a sound. My

position was clear.From night

time to daylight sun.My message

was to all those who can hear.

Struggling was a part of

life in it's own measure. Everyday

was like a new story an

adventure.The many times we

fell on this journey.We knew it

wasn't easy.But with a pure heart

and a sound mind, We pursue to

what we know as true.

When I look back at the seed

that was sown and the

times I've grown,is only to much to

mention.From what I was to what I've

become. A color of perfection.