In the eyes of a child

Written by: Bill Lindenmuth

Listen to the voice of a child 
You will hear the wisdom of the ages 
A book ready to be written 
Filled with many unwritten pages 
Learn from their innocence 
Honestly brutal but real 
For they haven’t yet been tarnished 
telling you exactly how they feel 
So simple yet so wise they speak 
feelings never compromised 
For whatever words they speak to you 
You should not be surprised 
Listen to the voice of a child 
You can always feel their pain 
They will always bring you sunshine 
When the world is filled with rain 
Their laughter is the music 
That comes straight from the heart 
So learn to sing their praises 
Rejoice in every part 
Never let that child within 
Escape or get away 
For every child is a part of us 
Each and every day 
Listen to the voice of a child 
Hear each and every word 
For every question asked of you 
From sublime to the absurd 
There are many lessons to be taught 
And dreams to be realized 
We learn from each other every day 
Yet we always act surprised 
If we listen a little bit closer 
You will hear that inner child 
A lifetime of knowledge 
Mostly tame but occasionally wild 
In a world that’s constantly changing 
You can always find a choice 
In the wisdom of our childhood 
You will truly find your voice