love you Datty, always

Written by: Sophia Smith

How do I talk about a man who stood 5'9" tall, an average height, but attributes 
made him stood 9' tall. His face was plagued with fuzzed ball only a daddy should 
sport. Handsome as an angel and heart almost similar to a god. He loved his   
children one and all, but I was his favorite because I respected and adored him 
making him felt like the greatest dad of them all. He deduced like a lawyer and 
psychoanalyzed like a psychotherapist. He stood for honesty and lived by integrity. 
He was super assertive but never aggressive. Gentle like a kitten  and perseverance 
fierce like a lion. He loved mankind by showing them respect, he treated females 
with kindness, he treated children like little people, and he treated male like his 
equal. There were more to him then meets the eyes: He was very observance but 
never ever mindled in other's lives. What can I say about a man who everyone 
respected not by force but by choice. He loved and adore his woman who he spend 
his life with until her death, and that was my mom. He make me have respect for 
people especially men, all in the way he treated human. What can I say, he is 
practically perfect in every way, sound like Mary Poppins, but only better. He was not 
a man but my father, and I call him Datty instead of dad. His loving kindness will 
always warm my heart, but the memory of him will live on in my head; therefore, he 
is not dead only sleeping until we meet again, in heaven. Amen.