freestyle poetry

Written by: orlandus nance

i am only as good as the material i write
i only reflect on the wrongs and the rights
the ills of society the world as a whole
my chance to make a change
and achieve my goals
since poetry is a passion i love it to death
it's not for the fame nor is it 4 wealth
it's 4 my personal satisfaction 4 the world 2 enjoy
2 get things off my chest 2 play with like a toy
as i get better with time every line so intense
with every line that i write leaves you deeper in suspense
each day is something new off the top of my head 
simply brilliant is the content of the poems u have read
this is freestyle poetry at least that's what i call it
my own style with a twist stayin true 2 my calling
the way i play with words i must say is so tight 
so 2 all a good day and the happiest of nights