A Life Revisited

Written by: Bill Lindenmuth

I thought that I was here before 
i may have passed this way 
It all looks so familiar 
The returning of a day 
Like a moment of forever 
Frozen here in time 
Another life revisited 
But is it really mine? 
I feel as if I have been here 
I have visited for sure 
The familiar air about me 
Like the tide returning to shore 
Could it be me I am here to find 
On this journey alone 
To seek a space familiar 
A place one might call home 
Perhaps I should take a ride 
To find what lives within 
For there will never be an ending 
Till I know where to begin 
It seems I have walked this road 
In another space in time 
The evening light will illuminate 
This life forever mine 
I am dancing with remembrances 
Walking with a memory 
Is this another person 
Disguised so well as me? 
This song it sounds familiar 
A sweet haunting melody 
I stand in a place revisited 
But is it really me? ?