A Lady of poetic reason

Written by: Bill Lindenmuth

Her words were soft like a summer breeze 
with thought as gentle as the wind 
Printed or spoken to put the mind at ease 
Emoting deep feelings from within 
With love as her quest she sojourns through  rhyme 
Telling wondrous tales passionately placed in time 
As you read her thoughts on the printed page 
The wisdom of lost love 
Gentle passionate rage 
You feel all the hurt 
and  bask in the warmth of her smile 
She invites the curious hearted to stay awhile 
Caught up in the rapture of loves soft melody 
You let yourself go easy and drift most gracefully 
Easing through the fires of loves raging embrace 
She dances with your inner soul 
To a warm and caring place 
With sweet poetic reason 
She will slowly reel you in 
With a smile warmed by the season 
For true love to begin 
There is no fear of leaving 
True loving hearts they will stay 
The lady of poetic reason 
Her words will show the way