He had a job

Written by: Author Rhonda Kay Hero - Wilson


                                        Walking the many city streets and allies
                                        day in, day out he never complains.
                                        The streets are his home now and he is
                                        okay with that, people who see him just
                                        walk on by never uttering a 'good morning'
                                        or even a 'hi' they see him as invisible.
                                        His bed is a big dirty card board box that
                                        is behind a old broken down dumpster.
                                        News papers are used for his blankets
                                        each night he lays down to sleep he prays
                                        and thanks God for a good day.

                                        The clothes he wears are smelly, dirty, old
                                        and worn but he never ever complains.
                                        He can't buy anything now because he lost
                                        his job of 50 years he holds a small tin cup.
                                        The cup some times has a dollar or two but
                                        usually it is empty like he is inside.

                                        This man once was hard working, had a
                                        wife, kids nice house and a warm bed to
                                        lay down on at night time, his clothes were
                                        always clean, but when the factory closed
                                        he lost his wife, kids and the house he had.

                                        He never complains  because he knows
                                        When he walks those streets, allies that
                                        someday, someone will see him and know
                                        that it could be them walking the streets and
                                        alley's and people pass them by.