The White Rabbit in Alice's Wonderland

Written by: gautami phookan

The hoppity White Rabbit had once scurrylopped,
A-meeting his faerie cousin at her door he popped.

Lackity lack he found the darn door was locked,
The fence he clambalopt on carrot patch he flopped.

Oh, Blimey! delicious,
The carrots scrummylicious.

Whooshyligged the faerie had put a charm,
Would become an ickety carrot in the farm.

Dwinderling he shrigged to a dimikinned size,
Sproomed the greelings from his head wise.

Bitsy eyes they peeked squiggly to look around,
And twiggly toes went rooting into the ground.

Gingerly with stealth he tried to stir but failed,
Woebegone and gloopity his scarlet face paled.

When a wingsy thing came pecking, he found it absurd,
From his gnarled mouth atop he screeched at the bird.

An incorrigible nincompoop in his fiddlesticks red habit,
Grobbling fell into the gloop the picketty White Rabbit.

The  faerie  had  fropvelled  far  to  the  lochs,
'Till then Tweedledum and dee lurked out to mock.

For Debbie's contest : "Go Ask Alice"