Written by: Ian Foley

Love me tender and my teenage dream  
where is he now what has he seen
That insects a buzzing at my window grill
He saw me and coyed round a counter top thrill 

The night air a crickets with Elvis aloud
The boy may not want me I'm not in his crowd. 
Soda pop strawberry dragged out to the end
The store is a closing and I'm not his friend

I swing to the other wall no sleep can I plow 
He may not be Elvis but boy I'd allow
Daddy is not here away at the war
Will he meet Elvis in Germany's claw

Heartbreak hotel I can stand it no more
If he don't take me jiving I burn my front door
Temper and calmness please take me out
The desk clerk in black should give him a clout

I'm angry I'm happy I'm James Dean's girl
Emotion a plenty I'm all in a whirl
I'll go to the store and buy every pop
He'll see me and know me that my Jailhouse rocks

He asks me and asks me I'm suddenly shocked
Where is my dress and where is my frock
The crowd are a jumping a mean woman blues
This fella's a smart ass I'll step on his shoes

Goodnight and good morrow and back to my bed 
Don't count all those feelings trapped up in your head
My music returns and the needle's a hop
Only for Elvis the night's not a flop